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Invent your own tours

Example of a tour

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To be able to suggest a tour, we must take the following items into consideration before you leave:

  • The weather
  • The tide
  • The wind
  • The type of kayak you are using
  • Your wishes (outing or sport)
  • The hire time
  • Your physical condition


Example for solo or tandem sit inside kayaks

In 3 hours (fixed 1/2 day rate)

  • Return trip with a break on the Logoden islands
  • Return trip to the Ile d'Arz landing stage
  • Return trip with a break on the Gored beach on Île aux Moines
  • Return trip round the island of Creizic
  • Return trip to the Moulin de Pomper (at high tide) + tour of Irus Island


In 8 hours (fixed day rate)

  • Tour of Île aux Moines (outing)
  • Tour of Île aux Moines and Île d'Arz (sport)
  • Return trip to Conleau and the entrance to Vannes harbour