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Our kayak centre

VAREC'H - Bois Bas - 56870 BADEN

Tél : 02 97 57 16 16

Welcome to our centre!

10 years ago, we took possession of this site. During all these years, we have kept the coastal shed feel about this building.

The VAREC'H centre is the ideal starting place for your outings. The exposed stonework Club House sets the tone. It is a place with a warm atmosphere. We get together there after paddling or boating. We tell each other about our exploits on the water before taking to the road again. You'll be at home with us!

Our surroundings are important for our work, so we take care to collect the waste left on the beach and the car park.  Help us maintain the natural quality of this site, where there should be no trace of man's passage.

For your convenience, there are toilets and a changing room to get ready in. In the summer, we offer cool drinks for refreshment.

We hope to see you in the very near future.



VAREC'H - Bois Bas - 56870 BADEN