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Sea kayaking for beginners

Sea kayaking will no longer have any secrets for you !

Content of the course

Module No. 1 (3 hours): Exploration

  • Getting equipped, adapting your boat
  • Balance, propulsion, direction, going backwards
  • Getting into a raft formation
  • Changing boats on the water
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • Paddling in a group

Module No. 2 (3 hours): Safety

  • Tide and wind rundown
  • Keeping your course
  • Capsizing and T rescue
  • Towing technique (learn how to throw a line)
  • Rescue with all the kayaks upturned

Module No. 3 (3 hours): Touring

  • Touring putting the 2 preceding modules into practice.
  • Taking the weather, currents, wind and buoying into account