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Our sit on top kayaks

The pleasure of being on the water.

“Tango” Solo sit on top sea kayak

Paddle without any worry with this versatile kayak. It is an adventurer kayak, and has very good tracking. It also has a large load capacity. Polypropylene hull. Scupper, watertight barrel provided.

Length 3.75 m, width 0.80 m.




“Ocean duo” tandem sit on top sea kayak

This is an ideal kayak for touring tandem; stable, fast with good tracking. Enjoy the scenery ! Polypropylene hull. Scupper, watertight barrel provided.

A 7 to 9 year old child can be added.

Length 3.80 m, width 0.86 m.

You can also bring along your pet dog!



Strong points

  • The cost
  • Great stability
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Suitable for children under 12 (able to swim)
  • You can play about and even overturn without having to scupper
  • Not fragile

Weak points

  • Great inertia, particularly in strong contrary currents
  • Not very suitable for long distances
  • Not recommended outside of summer, except when sunny: you get wet